PO Box 1187, Kingaroy QLD 4610

Cows and Calves Brangus &; D’Mastet 1st calf Angus 2-3calf.

Price Reduction.

Good quality genetics in these young cows and calves. Doing a good job on the calves, cows on rising plane of nutrition and ready to join again.

Listing ID:1995
Availability:Private Sale photos taken November
Number of Units:17
Breed:Brangus x 7. Angus x 7. D’Master x 3.
Stock Type:Cows and Calves
Min. Weight:80 kg
Max Weight:560 kg
Vendor Bred:N
Condition:Store condition
Quality:Good genetics, in good strong condition.
Movement Restriction:Tick free, have run in ticks, but in the clean since calving.
Stock Location:Kingaroy
Agent Information: ID: 4
Full Name: James Bredhauer
Phone: 0427 549 373
Email: james@aussiell.com

James Bredhauer