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Brangus cows & calves

Brangus Cows and Calves. 103+70 increases everyday. $2250+gst.
Calves 0-4 months.
75% cows are 1st to 3rd calf.
25% cows mixed ages. (Not old).
Majority Brangus, and Brangus x Angus cows. Includes 6 Charolais X cows. Tick Free. Productive cows bred in forest country, will go ahead anywhere.
Cows running back with 2 Brangus bulls and a Blonde bull.
Very quiet young breeders in the prime of their life. Only reason for sale is property lease expired.
Call 0427 549 373 James.
[email protected]
They won’t last long.

Listing ID:5610
Number of Units:103+70 increases everyday
Stock Type:Cows & calves
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Quality:Very quiet young breeders in the prime of their life
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Full Name: Aussie Land & Livestock

Aussie Land & Livestock

Aussie Land and Livestock are known as one of the leading independent livestock & real estate agents in the region.