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Private Sale $1.7m (Bare)

  • Type: Dairy Mixed Farming
  • Size: 495 acres
  • 181 grazing acres
  • 13 Hectares irrigated
  • 4 irrigation bores
  • 1 stock & domestic bore
  • 3 water licences
  • 40 meg dam
  • Black river & deep red soil

Selling Agent: Bill Steffensen 

Mob: 0429 645 545 


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Private Sale $1.7m (Bare)

  • Type: Dairy Mixed Farming
  • Size: 495 acres
  • 181 grazing acres
  • 13 Hectares irrigated
  • 4 irrigation bores
  • 1 stock & domestic bore
  • 3 water licences
  • 40 meg dam
  • Black river & deep red soil

Selling Agent: Bill Steffensen 

Mob: 0429 645 545 


Ivyhome, certified organic since 1998, comprising 495 acres (199 hectares), is a dairy farm with a safe food Queensland accredited dairy processing factory supplying milks, cream, cultured buttermilk, soft cheese and yoghurts to supermarkets and wholesalers in Queensland and NSW. Ivyhome is located on the Stuart River in the South Burnett, Queensland, 10 minutes from Kumbia and 20 minutes from Kingaroy. The property is surrounded by the tree lined Stuart River to the West/South West, disused treed road on the South East, and Haly Creek road on the North East border. A tranquil away from the hustle and bustle property, astonishingly still only 2 ½ hours from the coast.

Ivyhome’s climate & soil type lends itself to diversification into organic, or conventional, avocados and many varieties of horticulture, which may include potatoes, onions, tomatoes, most vegies as long as winter varieties are frost tolerant, citrus do very well. Lending itself well to Eco tourism and farm stays.

Distribution Options: 224km = 2 3/4 from Darra, Brisbane, 140km = 1 5/6 hours from Welcamp airport near Toowoomba.

495 acres (199 hectares) 150 acres of black river flats, rising gently to rich red soil and sandy loam. 50 acres of river flats are currently irrigated by flood, spray line and traveler. Boundary fencing is barb wire, except for the River boundary which is electric fencing. The paddocks are divided into dairy cattle friendly 1, 2 & 3 wire, electric fencing. Strip grazing for the milkers.


  • Small area of sorghum to be harvested May/June;
  • Hay ~ next harvest late April to June approximately 50 acres. 50 plus bales on hand.


  • 4 equipped bores ranging from 4000-6000GPH;
  • The property holds 4 water licenses, described below, not currently utilized;
  • There is also a 250GPH stock and domestic bore;
  • This water is sent through the desalination plant ensuring quality water for the factory, dairy, some domestic and cattle;
  • The 3 water licenses total 498 mg annually, plus the license for a weir;
  • 2 X 72 mg licenses to pump from the Stuart River;
  • 354 mg license ~ flood lift from the Stuart River;
  • License to a build a 2.5 metre weir in the Stuart River.

There is a 40 mg capacity dam and another site to create a second holding dam. The dairy is currently set up as an 8 a side swing over herringbone, the shed was built to house 18 a side. Herd of 110, mainly jersey, from calves through to milkers. Angus bull joins first year heifers, A.I. is used over the milkers.

The Factory was built in 2002, was established onto the side of the dairy along the breezeway. The milk is pumped directly into the factory from the dairy during milking. The process of pasteurizing milk is the batch method. No homogenizing.

Factory Main Features:

  • Factory is 184.39 square meters, Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) / Sandwich Panel Construction;
  • 1 x Bulk milk Vat and 4 x Pasteurizers;
  • Raw milk holding vat 2,250 Litres, Pasteurizer 1 ~ 1,850 Litres, Pasteurizer 2 ~ 1,350 Litres, Pasteurizer 3 ~ 650 Litres, Pasteurizer 4 ~ 50 Litres;
  • Packaging ~ finished product packed into 6 Litre cardboard boxes;
  • Carton Machine. Packs milks into 1 Litre Cartons at 1,000 cartons per hour;
  • Milks, Cultured Buttermilk & Pouring Cream are packed into 1 Litre, 750 ml and 250 ml glass bottles, manually filled from the carton machine & Pasteurizer 3;
  • Yoghurts and cheeses are packed into 300 and 680 glass jars.

Store Room

  • Holds 2 pallets of glass bottles, plenty of shelving to hold cartons, boxes, lids etc.


  • Contains the equipment required to facilitate product testing.

Manufacture Area:

  • 82.44 square meters, ample room for equipment with plenty of shelving.

Cold Room:

  • 30.22 square meters. All products are sent on pallets, some shelving for value added products.

Refrigerated Truck:

  • 2012 Isuzu 10 pallet pantac refrigerated truck with 3 phase electric standby.

Solar Farm:

  • 30 kw which supplies the factory, dairy and the grid;
  • Over the years the owners have fed between 4,000 and 8,000 kw per quarter to the grid;
  • A good saving on power and good environmentally.


  • 5 kw solar system, solar hot water and entertaining area;
  • 3-bedroom, 1 bathroom, 2 toilets, convenient kitchen with gas stove;
  • Large laundry, large carport, verandah/entertaining area faces the inground pool;
  • Rambling garden out to all the buildings.

Fully contained cottage 

  • 1-bedroom, great kitchenette, combined bathroom;
  • Laundry and waterless toilet room, large verandah entertaining area.

Numerous large sheds & storage:

  • Large workshop/machinery shed;
  • Large hay/machinery shed;
  • Desalination plant and storage shed;
  • 4 vehicle car port; converted and carpeted garage power not connected; garage; divided garden shed with toilet and washing facility; old small dairy shed; freezer container; converted air conditioned carpeted staff lounge;
  • Storage container, storing pallets of glass container and grain;
  • 8 peanut silos with diesel drying facility.
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